These boxes and products are limited edition inventory and can be purchased separately or added to a Writer's Box Subscription. 

Poetry Party Box

This box invites five poems to a writer's POETRY PARTY to play with and publish in their own poetry book. With the help of a mini-thesaurus, learn to find just the right words and save favorites on a special notecard ring. The box's Editor's Table offers more insider tips on revising poetry, and Playbreak features a new jump rope for testing out jump rope rhymes. It's a party! $29.95  (3 boxes left.)

Your True Colors Box

"Your True Colors Box" reminds authors that the best writing comes when you are writing about things you CARE ABOUT. If it is important to you, you will write it in a way that makes it important to the reader. It includes a "True Colors Writing Guide" for discovering and revising stories, writer's notebook, colorful eraser and rainbow crayon tower, bouncy ball for help with writer's block and sticker prompts.   $29.00

The Starter 


A companion to the monthly Writer's Box, the Starter Box is the perfect way to honor the young writer and set them up for back to school. It invites the writer to set up a dedicated "writing station" and gather all of their writing supplies into one special place.  It includes a kid-friendly desk organizer, stapler, writing tools, Moleskin notebook, and writing challenges to encourage writers and keep the pencil moving. $34.95

Take It Outside Box

The Take It Outside box includes a "writer's blanket" for outdoor writing, a hummingbird feeder, sidewalk chalk, kraft observation notebook, pen, and sticker prompts. Lessons focus on developing setting. Writing club is a "Bird Story Challenge." Box shipped August 10th. Box Launch live Zoom class is August 15th. $29.95 (5 boxes left.)