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At Write On! Workshops, interns are writing coaches for our young campers. They have the opportunity to meet professional authors, lead lessons, and interact with other teens that share their same passion for writing.


To apply for an internship in our 2019 session, contact



June 24 - 28

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June 24th - 28th, 2019

at Westminster College 

thebucketlistfamily Our family hot dog recipe: polish dogs grilled by @garrettgee, sauerkraut and banana peppers, because they're the only toppings @dorthyseven will eat, and a LOT of mustard, courtesy of @manillagee. They're a little bit messy, because we are too! What do you put on your hot dog? #findyourfrank #ad

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karmenkodia Even though I love all the wonderful adventures I've had in America, I still get homesick for Sweden every once in a while! This delicious meal was the perfect way to cheer myself up. A dinner that's American and Swedish, because I am: A classic American hot dog with Swedish fried onions that remind me of summertime at home. Check out my Instagram story for the recipe! #findyourfrank #ad

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tylerfeder When I had an office job, writing full-time sounded like a dream. But the truth is, writing is hard. Creative work is still work. #Opus is an app for those of us who are ready to put in the work and actually create something. I love being able to organize my creative mind and challenge myself to work a little harder. #myopus #ad