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Help your writer get organized and set for success by giving them a limited edition Writing Station that creates designated, special place for writing, homework and homeschool work. No more notebooks and stories scattered all over the house. No more searching for pencils or wondering where the stapler is. Everything your children need to write is now at their fingertips!  

The Writing Station is a colorful, kid friendly desk organizer that comes with a Moleskin notebook, pencils, pen, stapler, staples, pencil sharpener and writing inspiration.

Now until December 12th, it ALSO comes with a gift wrapped copy of The Writer's Notebook by Ralph Fletcher and holiday sticker prompts that are so popular in our Writer's Boxes.

Here are 2 ways to order:

1. Subscribe to The Writer's Box. There are both single and sibling boxes available. Make it a gift and designate how many boxes to send! The Writing Station will be added at the end of your order. $34.95 + shipping and tax. 

2. Order the Writing Station without a gift subscription. It makes an excellent gift on its own that your writer will use all year long.  $44.95 + shipping and tax.