Homeschool Orders

We are currently an approved vendor for IEM Schools: South Sutter, Ocean Grove and Sky Mountain in Placerville, California. 



SELECT a PLAN. Choose from a single box, three month or six month plans for one child or two siblings.    


ORDER with your EDUCATION SPECIALIST.  Simply tell them which plan you'd like us to send. We launch a new box each month. Orders must be received by the 5th of each month to receive that month's box. Orders received after the 5th of each month will be placed for the next month's box. 


MAKE the MOST of your BOX. We send you everything you need to support your young writer in a one-of-a-kind, joyful writing experience, but also know that we are HERE for you, all month long, to support, answer questions, and give feedback. We are on your team!


Save over 20% with sibling boxes!

Single box

Supplies for 1.

$34.95 + shipping and tax

3 Month Plan

3 boxes with supplies for 1 writer. 

$103.95 + shipping and tax

6 month plan

6 boxes with supplies for 1 writer. 

$208.95 + shipping and tax.

single sibling box

Supplies for two writers.

$54.95 + shipping and tax

3 month sibling plan

3 boxes with supplies for 2 writers.

$164.95 + shipping and tax. 

6 month sibling plan

6 boxes with supplies for 2 writers 

$329.95 + shipping and tax.

available in 3 or 6 month packages to make ordering easier


Excellent way to kick off the Writer's Box and create an organized  writing space. Includes Moleskin notebook, stapler, child friendly desk organizer, pencil sharpener, pencils, sticker, welcome letter and writing activities.

One time purchase.

Limited quantities. 

$34.95 + shipping and tax.

Interested in a classroom pack?

Contact us for group rates.

A fun place to keep supplies