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6 Reasons parents are saying YES to Write On(line)! this summer

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hello friends!

Like many things about 2020, online summer writing camp is not something we ever anticipated doing. And maybe it's not something you ever anticipated having to consider for your child. We get it. Online summer writing camp is not for everyone, but there are lots of parents choosing our camp for their writer this summer. We read through their comments and compiled a list of some of their top reasons. If you're on the fence about what to do, here is why many parents say yes:  1. MY CHILD LOVES TO WRITE. For certain kids, it's a no brainer. 

  • "From poems to journaling to stories, my daughter spends hours a day writing and is looking forward to this online experience."

  • "She wants to be an author more than anything!"

2. WE ARE WRITE ON! FANS. Most writers come once and then they come forever.

  • "Attended for the first time last summer and loved it. We are so happy you are able to do it remotely!"

  • "Because of Miss Emily! This is Addis' favorite camp."

3. BECAUSE I SAID SO.Sometimes parents know it's a good fit before their kids do.

  • "She is drawn to this camp because her father said it would be fun:)"

  • "He finds school writing challenging, yet I find some of his out of school writing fun to read."

  • "This camp will allow him to learn how to express and share his wonderful ideas."

4. MY CHILD NEEDS CONNECTION.It isn't as easy to find kids who enjoy writing as it is to find kids who enjoy soccer.

  • "He is hoping to work with peers who share his enthusiasm for writing."

  • "She enjoys writing creative stories and wants to share the process with friends."

5. MY CHILD NEEDS HELP WITH WRITING SKILLS.We cater to children who love to write, but many writers find camp to be just the change of scenery they need.

  • "School ended early because of Covid. Her teacher recommended this camp to keep her skills going." 

  • "He needs help expressing himself."

6. BECAUSE THEY CAN.Traditionally, Write On! is only offered to 2nd through 8th grade students. This year, our Teen Edition program with author Jennifer Jenkins is offered to students up through 12th grade. We love what Eve's parents had to say when they signed her up:

  • "Eve has been attending Write On! summer camp for eight years and loves both the community there and the advancement in her writing skills that she sees at the end of the week every year. Being an avid writer with authorial aspirations, she is dedicated to improving her craft which is achieved each summer with Write On!"

It's time for a head count. We are picking up t-shirts, preparing camp gear packages, and finishing our videos. We don't know how to cut corners when it comes to this. We love it too much. It isn't for everyone, but it might just be right for your writer.  Onward!

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