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A Great Father's Day Gift Idea

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Growing up, whenever I asked my dad what he wanted for Father's Day, he always replied, "Make me something." Really Dad? Not a tie or a set of BBQ gear?

But now that I am a parent, I get where he was coming from. Anyone can pick out something from Amazon or Home Depot, but what I love most are gifts from the heart that take a little bit more effort than picking out something off of a shelf.

With that in mind, here is a great writing activity your child can create as a gift for Father's Day that, we predict Dad or Grandpa will remember long after the ties are retired to the back of the closet. It's called a Metaphor Poem and it is a lot of fun to write plus it tugs at your heart. Poetry is great for giving young writers quick wins like that.

There is a first draft list option that is great for emerging writers and then a second draft extension option that encourages more advanced writers to take it to the next level. Add a picture and a signature and your child has created something truly special that will create lasting Father's Day hit.

Click HERE to download the printable instructions for this fun project. We'd love to share your writer's poems on our Instagram! Tag us at @writeonworkshops. WRITE ON!

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