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Awesome Gifts! Picture Books To Inspire Kids to Write

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Are you looking for a holiday gift for your young writer? How about a book that encourages writing? Here are 4 of our favorites:

A Squiggly Story (Pre-K-1)

Written by Andrew Larsen Illustrated by Mike Lowery

I love how the child in this book gets permission from his big sister to write a story. He is barely able to write a letter and a squiggle, but his ideas pour onto the pages.

Ralph Tells A Story (Pre-K -2)

Written & Illustrated by Abby Hanlon

Young Ralph takes us on his personal journey to discover that he has experiences, impressions, and ideas that are worth writing down. This is great for kids who might feel embarrassed to share their ideas and offers adults awesome language for supporting kids like Ralph.

The Best Story (K-3)

Written by Eileen Spinelli Illustrated by Anne Willsdorf

This character’s creative process to find her own ideas and voice is colorful, fun, and ultimately contagious.

The Plot Chickens (6-12 years)

Written & Illustrated by Mary Jane & Herm Auch

Henrietta the Chicken is the star in this book! She is entertaining and dramatic while at the same time shares 8 rules about writing a good story.

Books like these are fun reads and can quickly become family favorites. They encourage young writers to begin writing and to also continue their writing journey!

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