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There is little we can do to control the climate of the world right now, but still lots we can do to influence the climate of our homes. Here are 3 simple suggestions for using writing to put a spotlight on the positive in these weeks leading up to Thanksgiving! 01. GRAFFITI A PUMPKIN (THANKSGIVING STYLE): Use Sharpies to graffiti a pumpkin with things your family is grateful for. Add to it all month long. (Photo from ThriftyMom.)

02. GRATITUDE TABLECLOTH MURAL: Remember the crayons on the table at Macaroni Grill? Cover your dinner table with butcher paper and scatter crayons. Make it a tablecloth mural of gratitude that your family adds to with words and pictures throughout the day--and then admires each time you eat! (Photo from BoulderLocavore.)

03. MAKE AN ABC BOOK. One of the fun writing activities in our Thankful Writer's Box suggests making an ABC's of thanks. This is a good way for an emerging writer to begin, but it can also evolve to a sophisticated activity for advanced writers. Try challenging them to create poetry, informational writing and personal anecdotes about each letter. It can be a quick afternoon activity or a fun and engaging long work.

The more we express thanks, the more we have. They more we write, the more we grow. Write On!

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