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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

We have a simple challenge for you this week. It's so simple that you'll probably find it effortless. (But honestly, doesn't effortless sound nice right now?)    In one of the sessions of our Zoom coaching call last week, each of the young writers mentioned the idea for their writing had something to do with a recent book they had read.   One writer wrote about a penguin. Another set his story during World War I. Another wrote about yellow taxi cabs in New York City (even though she said she had never been there.) All these were pieces from their reading that found way to their notebooks.  So our challenge is this: whether your children are going back to school full time, part time, or staying at home with you--keep surrounding them with books. It's one of the best things you can do to keep your children moving forward as writers.  Reading not only opens up ideas to build on, but writers learn use of language that they unconsciously begin to imitate when it's their turn to try. Just as we “are what we eat,” we “write what we read.”  In fact, if your writer reads you something they've written that sounds a lot like a recent read, count it as good practice. They are using a professional author as a mentor on their way to finding their own voice. That's a very cool thing.  Write On! 

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