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There is nothing wrong with surviving

RAISING A WRITER Hello friends!

The whole world is homeschooling right now. Some are probably doing it better than others. For me, it's going about as well as I garden. That is--I look out at it and say, "Yep. It's still there." I see my daughters with books--they need to borrow my laptop sometimes for Zoom class--but that's about as far as my homeschooling efforts are going right now. We are in survival mode. We wake up everyday. We keep somewhat to a schedule. My daughters read and write things. I get my work done. We go on walks, and the other day my daughter baked raspberry tarts. There has been a little bit of yelling over phone chargers, but we still love each other. It's just surviving. And survival isn't bad. It isn't exactly moving forward, but it's not awful. It's more like . . . treading water. For right now, this is all we can manage. Maybe you're doing better than we are, but if you're more like us, I just want to say treading water is still something. It takes effort and you're darn tired by the end of the day. What does this have to do with raising a writer? I was going to write a post about best strategies for responding to your writer during quarantine, but I changed my mind. Whatever you are doing (or not doing) right now is just perfect. If you find your mind is having a hard time focusing, go straight to: "You're brilliant!" and hang the story on the fridge. There will be no regrets there. Best wishes, Carrie (and Emily--who seconds this post!)

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