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Using our imagination for better things than WORRY

A little story from Carrie:  From the day my youngest daughter Anna was born, I have been worrying about the day when all of her older sisters would be away at college and she would become an “only child."  Well last week this dreaded day arrived, but it doesn't look anything like I thought it would.  Instead of Anna being the sad “only child" I had envisioned, she is sharing the bathroom with her oldest sister who has moved home for awhile, playing with cousins next door who regularly visit for snacks, and having a blast taking care of her new cat.    This worry has been pressing on my mind for 13 years.  And it isn't even happening.  What a waste of imagination!  So here's a thought: what if I had used my energy to imagine a positive future? What impact might THAT kind of energy have had on present? Instead of living in a 13 year worry, I could have been living in expectation of a unique and happy time to come. It makes me sad to think I missed that.  Worrying about our children comes naturally. Believe me I know. But as long as we are imagining, how about imagining something great?  Times are “uncertain” for sure, but that uncertainty falls on both sides. What is we just decide there is greatness around the corner for us and the writers we are raising and wait to see what happens? No matter how it actually plays out, I doubt we will regret having happy thoughts. And who knows but those thoughts may also help to shape the great future!  It's a much better use of imagination.   Write On! 

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