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Welcome Back to School: 2020

So the long month of MarchAprilMayJuneJuly is finally over and we are headed into that back-to-school start. Only nothing is really the same right now, and school likely is looking different for your kids th

an it ever has. We've talked before about how important our stories are for framing our kids' view of the world. This might be more important this school year than ever before. Even when we think they aren't listening, our children internalize the attitudes and views we share. They don't always adopt them as their own, but you better believe they consider it :)

If you're struggling with good stories to tell right now, here are 3 ideas that might help:

1. "Look at us now!"

Don't let discouragements of last spring play any part in the story of right now. Keep conversations focused on the new beginning.  We are smarter now. We know how this works now. We are so good at rolling with things now. We can do so much more than we thought we could. Look at us now!

2. "We are so lucky!"

Create in your family the mindset of abundance no matter what the school configuration is this year.  We have teachers who care. We get to learn in new ways. We own more than one mask. Gee whiz we even have toilet paper to spare! We are so lucky!

3. "We've got this!" 

There is a lot about life right now that we can't control. Keep your family's story focused on what you CAN.   Let's find a way we can help. Let's do our part.  Is there something small we can do? What would make the most difference? We've got this! 

It isn't always easy to be the voice our children need, but parenthood asks a lot of us. 2020 is asking a lot of us too, but we've got this! Ready, set, S T R E T C H !


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